Church’s future remains unclear after massive fire

Church's future remains unclear after massive fire (Image 1)

The future of the Trinity Church of the Nazarene building on Vultee Boulevard remains unclear nearly three months after a massive fire destroyed the sanctuary.

A lightning strike sparked a fire at the church June 5. It took more than an hour and close to 60 firefighters to put it out.

Pastor Mike Proctor told News 2 the church has not been able to decide what to do with the building because of insurance.

“It does seem obvious that the building is a loss, but insurance has not released the building to us yet,” Pastor Proctor said. “They are still putting numbers together.”

Pastor Proctor believes the building will have to be torn down and rebuilt. Another option is for the congregation to relocate to a different location permanently.

In the meantime, the congregation of around 45 members has been meeting on the campus of Trevecca University.

“God is still working,” Pastor Proctor said. “I have been amazed at the growth I am seeing in me as pastor and in the leaders of the church.”

The church was also damaged by a fire in 2012. Investigators believe a lightning strike sparked that blaze as well.

The church’s steeple was damaged but the rest of the building was okay.

Pastor Proctor said despite the tragedies the church has dealt with, the members are still faithful.

“I do believe God is leading us to a new place,” Pastor Proctor said. “He meets us where we are.”

He continued, “For us, instead of investing in a building, we are more concerned with God’s work in our lives and investing in people.”

None of the neighbors of the church were injured in the church fire, but a firefighter had to be treated after falling while battling the blaze.

The church remains gated off to prevent people from entering the damaged sanctuary.

Reporter Joseph Pleasant will have more on this story coming up at 4 and 5 p.m.

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