Food Pantry at MTSU needs donations to meet high demand

Food Pantry at MTSU needs donations to meet high demand (Image 1)

Classes just started a couple of days ago at Middle Tennessee State University, but the campus food pantry has already dwindled too quickly to meet the demand.

The food pantry is in dire need of donations at a time when many students need assistance.

The pantry is intended to meet the needs of almost 800 students.

“We went three months with no donations at all, between April and middle of the summer, so that is when we started to panic. We started trying to get as many people to get the word out as we possibly could,” said Becca Seul, the food pantry coordinator.

The student body at MTSU is very diverse and a large number of the students come from at-risk backgrounds.

“We have more students coming in from foster care that don’t have family support. More students coming in from homeless or at-risk of homeless backgrounds. We’ve seen that increase 300 percent over the last three years,” said Seul.

Former MTSU student Dustin Patrick helps run the food pantry. He said students are grateful for the assistance but wishes he could give them more.

“It makes me sad. I wish we had more to offer them but I know whatever we can offer them, even though it’s very little, still makes me feel like we are helping out,” said Patrick.

If you are interested in making a food donation to the MTSU food pantry call 615-494 – 8910.

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