Dog likely attacked by hawk in Old Hickory

Dog likely attacked by hawk in Old Hickory (Image 1)

Veterinarians said they believe a dog was attacked in Old Hickory by a hawk last Wednesday.

Judy Johnson told News 2 she noticed her dog Hershey wasn’t feeling well so she took her to the vet on Friday.

After shaving Hershey, her vet noticed wounds consistent with a hawk attack.

“She got in the way of a hawk in the backyard. At least that’s what her vet thinks happened. He says it couldn’t have been anything else to make that kind of damage on her,” said Johnson.

She continued, “I just broke down. It’s hard, you know, because she can’t tell you she’s hurting.”

The vet explained there is no way to prevent an attack like this other than to keep small dogs in an enclosed area with a roof in the backyard.

“Sometimes I feel some guilt that I should have been out there, but then I tell myself I am a city girl. I don’t know what hawks do. I don’t have a clue,” Johnson said. “I’d see one sitting on my fence; I wouldn’t think it would come for this.”

Judy said she will now keep the “doggie door” closed at all times and when her pets are out, her eyes are on the sky.

“I’m out there the whole time. I come back with a crick in my neck actually,” said Johnson.

Hershey is now on antibiotics and pain medication. Her veterinarian is still deciding whether she will need surgery.

Johnson said she has lived in the same house in Old Hickory for 12 years and nothing like this has happened before.

A spokesman with the TWRA said this is not a common problem. He said he has had calls about this in the past but never took a report of a hawk killing a dog.

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