Cars burned, painted with KKK at Murfreesboro tow lot

Cars burned, painted with KKK at Murfreesboro tow lot (Image 1)

Authorities in Murfreesboro are investigating after someone broke into a local tow yard and vandalized eight vehicles.

The cars were set on fire and then spray-painted with the letters “KKK.” The numbers “666” were also spray-painted on the pavement.

The vandalism happened during the early morning hours Monday at Robinson’s Towing on West Main Street.

Jeremy Robinson, the owner of the lot, told News 2 the suspects cut through a chain-link fence to gain entry.

“I don’t know why they done it, what their motivation was. I don’t think it was nothing racial,” said Robinson.

He added, “Whoever done it should have no reason at all. I haven’t done nothing to nobody to deserve or provoke this.”

Robinson also said the vandals left a letter saying they would be back to burn down the building.

The letter has since been sent to state investigators to dust for fingerprints.

The Murfreesboro Fire Department is investigating. Assistant fire chief Kim Lawson said whoever vandalized the cars left behind lots of evidence.

Robinson said he’s hiring someone to work third-shift overnight to watch for anything suspicious in the event someone returns to the lot.

Anyone who knows anything about the crime should contact Murfreesboro Crime Stoppers at 615-893-STOP.

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