Apartments quarantined after meth lab found in Clarksville

Apartments quarantined after meth lab found in Clarksville (Image 1)

A six-unit apartment complex in Clarksville was quarantined Monday after a methamphetamine lab was discovered inside one.

A neighbor told News 2 he woke up around 3 a.m. Monday morning to a lot of commotion.

“It was crazy there were all sorts of stuff going on over there,” said Aaron Martinez. “I saw HAZMAT suits and saw them have two guys in handcuffs.”

Joseph Fox, 47, who lived in the apartment on Baltimore Drive, was arrested on charges of promotion of meth manufacture.

A second man, 28-year-old John Ketter, was also arrested on charges of initiation of the process with the intent to manufacture meth as well as unlawful possession of drug paraphernalia.

Both men were booked into the Montgomery County jail.

The landlord said a woman and her two children live in one of the units. They we’re displaced and now staying with the American Red Cross.

The landlord also told News 2 a woman who lives on the other end of the building, the only other resident, is currently staying with coworkers.

“It’s pretty saddening disheartening because this was their home,” said neighbor Martinez.

The landlord told News 2 he’s angry. He said he’s losing thousands of dollars in rent and now has to pay to clean the complex.

He said he brought in a certified hygienist Tuesday and it will take five to eight days to get test results back to ensure the area is clear of chemicals.

Cleaning can then begin and residents will be allowed to move back once the apartments are deemed safe.

The Montgomery County Sheriff said he has seen a spike in meth manufacturing in the last few months.

He encourages anyone who notices a strange smell or behavior to call the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office immediately so they can continue to tackle the problem.

Officials said the investigation is ongoing.

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