Yellow Dot program aids first responders in saving crash victims

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – A simple sticker on the back of your car could help save your life.

It’s part of TDOT’s Yellow DOT Program which was launched last year in an effort to help first responders in what is called the critical “golden hour.”

A yellow sticker is placed on the driver’s side rear window to let first responders know in the event of a crash or medical emergency that the person in the vehicle may have a heath condition.

A yellow folder inside the glove compartment contains prescriptions that person is taking, a list of any recent surgeries, allergies, a recent photo ID and hospital preferences.

While the program is aimed at seniors, anyone can sign up. Drivers of any age who have medical conditions are encouraged to do so. It doesn’t cost anything.

The state does not keep a record of how many people enroll in the program but spokesperson Heather Jensen says more than 50,000 packets have been passed out so far statewide.

“It’s really a lifesaving program. What it’s designed to do is give first responders immediate medical information for anyone driving that vehicle,” Jensen told News 2.

The feedback has been positive.

For a list of places where you can sign up, visit TDOT’s website.

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