Babysitter accused of setting Texas family’s home on fire

Babysitter accused of setting Texas family's home on fire (Image 1)

A Texas woman is accused of setting fire to the home of the family for whom she babysat.

According to ABC News, Martha Dreher was allegedly so annoyed with the two girls she had been babysitting that police say she set their bedrooms on fire.

The alleged arson occurred when the father, Glenn Williams, was out of town with his daughters.

“She said that it was horrible, that the girls, my oldest, had been very disrespectful,” Williams said.

Dreher, 57, had worked for the family for a few months.

Williams reported that she denied setting the home on fire, but told investigators she was tired of dealing the girls and wanted to quit.

Surveillance video captured Dreher driving up to the empty house earlier this month and leaving 20 minutes later as flames erupted from the girls’ bedroom.

Hours later, Williams’ son returned home.

“My son Adam came in and said, ‘Dad, I just went to the kitchen, lot of smoke,” Williams told ABC affiliate KVUE-TV in Austin.

The doors to the girls’ bedrooms were closed and the fire was contained just to those two rooms.

Dreher has since pleaded not guilty.

The Williams family is now gutting their 90-year-old historic home.

*ABC News contributed to this report.

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