Plans for Bellevue Center Mall to be unveiled in upcoming months

Plans for Bellevue Center Mall to be unveiled in upcoming months (Image 1)

Time is running out for the development group that owns the Bellevue Center Mall property.

Tennessee state representative and Metro Councilman for the area Bo Mitchell told News 2 that since the mall off Highway 70S west of Nashville closed in 2008 there’s been $12.5 million just “lying on the table.”

Mitchell said first developer was offered $12.5 million in August of 2008 to put a library on the property but that didn’t happened.

“Now the $12.5 million is there for someone to do something for the public good. Whether that is a community center, it could be a fire hall. It just has to be something for the public good,” he said.

Mitchell, however, said time could be running out on the incentive.

“This council’s term and this mayor’s term are coming to an end, so that $12.5 million could go away with a new mayor and a new council,” he explained.

The mall property is vacant except for a Sears store.

Crosland Southeast is the current owner and, according to Mitchell, they are trying to put together a mixed-use development that would include retail and non-retail space.

“It’s coming to the point where if they want to do something they need to do something in the near future,” he continued.  “In speaking to the developer yesterday, he’s doing everything he can do to make something work. You have to have an anchor, a large anchor store as well as dealing with the smaller stores, a sporting goods store or a movie theater.”

“All of that has to come together at once. He just hasn’t reached that perfect storm yet.”

Mitchell also said the current economy gives the developer the best opportunity to make something work at the mall since it closed.

“We went through the great recession and there wasn’t any retail expansion in the country at the time. There were a lot of chains that were closing stores,” Mitchell said. “He’s as close as anyone. The problem right now is Target’s not expanding and no one wants a Walmart here.”

An announcement from Crosland Southeast regarding future plans is expected in the next three to six months.

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