Record-breaking turnout forces changes at Live on the Green

Record-breaking turnout forces changes at Live on the Green (Image 1)

Record-breaking turnout for last week’s season-opening Live on the Green concert leads to major changes for the free festival after complaints of overcrowding.

Event organizers said an estimated 16,000 to 18,000 festival-goers packed Public Square Park in downtown Nashville last Thursday causing congestion issues and lengthy lines, particularly at concession stands.

A number of concert-goers took to the festivals’ Facebook page to complain about the long beer lines.

Some said they waited as long as 30 to 45-minutes for a cold one.

Festival Director Chris Paxton said the complaints have been heard and action has been taken just in time for the second week of the concert series.

“When you add 30 percent more than what you are expecting, there’s not a lot you can do about it on the fly,” said Paxton.

Paxton said concession stands previously located on the Public Square Lawn, near the stage, will be moved to Union Street to help alleviate the issue and improve the fan’s experience.

The move will add space for thousands more on the green.

“Twenty to 30 minute beer lines are not something that we find acceptable,” said Paxton.

Concert attendances has grown leaps and bounds since it’s 2009 inception, which recorded a crowd of nearly 1,200.

Event organizers said more than 200,000 have attended the annual concert series through the years.

Paxton said with the new adjustments, their hope is that the fans have a memorable experience.

He wants festival-goers to focus on the musical acts like The Head and the Heart and Wild Cub who are both performing Thursday night and never have to worry about overcrowding, which he believes is a thing of the past.

“We’re pretty confident that the change we’ve made, not only allow more people to comfortably view from the green, but now vendors can have their own corner to do its job,” said Paxton.

Live on the Green continues through September 6.

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