Nashville Sounds finish out final season at Greer Stadium

Nashville Sounds finish out final season at Greer Stadium (Image 1)

The Nashville Sounds’ last home stand ever is underway at Herschel Greer Stadium. The minor league team will play their last regular season game ever at Greer next Wednesday, August 27.

The Sounds played their first game at the stadium just south of downtown Nashville on April 26, 1978.

It was Larry Schmittou who brought baseball back to Nashville.

He knew he would have to build a new ballpark for his team so he negotiated a lease with the city on a plot of land on the grounds of Fort Negley.

Construction of the stadium, named for Herschel Lynn Greer, a prominent Nashville businessman and the first president of the Nashville Vols minor league baseball team, cost over $1 million.

Initially, Greer was capable of seating 7,200 spectators. It now holds about 10,000.

It is best recognized by its distinctive guitar-shaped scoreboard, which displays the line score across the neck.

However, the stadium, one of the oldest stadiums used by a Triple A team, was not meant to last longer than 30 years and has undergone numerous upgrades and repairs.

The current ownership group has put more than $3 million into Greer renovations the last six years.

Since the early 2000s, the Sounds have tried to secure agreements with the city for a new ballpark to replace Greer.

With a new home now being built for the team at Sulphur Dell, the countdown is on for the last few cheers at Greer.

SLIDESHOW: Nashville Sounds to move to Sulphur Dell

The new $37 million downtown ballpark is scheduled to be completed in time for the start of the 2015 season. It will also feature a guitar scoreboard similar to Greer’s.

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