Dog found with broken jaw in Clarksville dumpster

Dog found with broken jaw in Clarksville dumpster (Image 1)

A one-and-a-half-year-old Yorkshire Terrier is recovering after he was found in a dumpster in Clarksville.

The director of Montgomery County’s animal control, Tim Clifton, made the discovery on Monday after receiving a tip.

The dog, now named Oscar, was taken to the Clarksville Animal Hospital with a broken jaw and severe injuries to his neck.

“He ended up with puncture wounds all around his throat and his jaw was broken. So his jaw has been wired shut and he is doing really well, he just has some healing to do,” said Clifton.

Stephanie Ware, who works at the animal hospital, said they named him Oscar after the Sesame Street character who lives in a trash can.

“I think it’s cute. He’s small. It’s a lovely name for him,” she added.

Word has traveled fast about Oscar. An overwhelming number of people have expressed interest in adopting him.

“I think when you look at him you just fall in love with him,” Ware said. “He has such a sweet disposition. Even through everything he has been through, he never once growled or bit. He is happy to have love and have people taking care of him.”

Oscar still has a long road to recovery. He will need one more surgery on his jaw and will be ready for a loving home in about eight weeks.

His vet bills total about $1,000.00 at this point.

If you would like to help with Oscar’s expenses visit his Go Fund Me account.

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