Gov. Haslam launches Tennessee Promise program

Gov. Haslam launches Tennessee Promise program (Image 1)

Governor Bill Haslam launched the Tennessee Promise to Antioch High School’s senior class Wednesday.

As part of the program, all graduating seniors are eligible for two years of free tuition at a community college or technical school here in Tennessee.

Student Mecca Shabazz just enrolled in the program. She told News 2 she feels her future looks bright.

“It will also take a lot of pressure off the money situation. It will really help, so I can focus on other things instead of that,” she explained.

The Tennessee Promise program opens the door to higher education for the entire student body Principal Dr. Adrienne Koger said.

“This is a great opportunity for students,” Dr. Koger said, adding, “It gives them hope that a post-secondary opportunity is available to them. A lot of times we see students who come through their four years of high school, they’re not able to make the connection on how it will translate into their future. So the Tennessee Promise allows every student an opportunity to experience secondary opportunities in alignment to their career goals in the future.”

Shabazz said many of her friends will also benefit from the program.

“It is really good because a lot of students, they don’t think that they have an option so they decide not to go to college, but for a lot of students, especially here at Antioch, it will really help because they have something to look forward to,” she said.

The goal is to get 55 percent of Tennesseans equipped with a college degree by the year 2025.

Click here to enroll in the Tennessee Promise program.

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