Cheatham County mother’s citizen arrest on son backfires

Cheatham County mother's citizen arrest on son backfires (Image 1)

A Cheatham County mother was arrested after she pulled a gun on her 20-year-old son to hold him until police arrived at her home.

The conflicted mother told News 2 she did it to get him clean and sober after she allegedly saw him steal $300 with her husband’s debit card.

Tracy Mazzaferro said she was shocked when officers not only arrested her son, but her as well.

She was charged with aggravated assault and false imprisonment, both felonies.

Her 20-year-old son, Gary Wilkerson, was charged with fraudulent use of a debit card and theft under $500, both misdemeanors.

“It was probably one of the lowest moments in my life,” Mazzaferro told News 2.

The Kingston Springs woman said her son has long been battling drugs.

The night they were both arrested, she said he stole the money to feed his addition.

“We’ve all worked so hard to get him clean and it’s hopeless,” the mother explained.

After calling authorities, Mazzaferro pulled her semi-automatic pistol on her son.

“I already had my gun on my side table because Gary is very apt to be violent,” she said.

According to the police report, Wilkerson told police his mother said, “Sit Down. Don’t move or I’ll shoot you.”

The mother, however, admits to having the gun but says she didn’t point it at her son.

“I was serious. He was going to stay here,” she said. “I did tell him not to move. I thought this is the only way that my son could maybe get help, that maybe the judge could sentence him to rehab or maybe just jail, anything to get him clean.”

Mazzaferro explained that she felt like she had no choice.

“In what I call a citizen’s arrest, they call aggravated assault,” she told News 2.

Deputies consulted with district attorneys before arresting the family members.

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