Sen. Jim Tracy to make decision by end of week on vote challenge

Sen. Jim Tracy to make decision by end of week on vote challenge (Image 1)

State Senator Jim Tracy’s campaign said Tuesday they will make a decision by “the end of the week” about challenging the hair-thin results in the 4th District Republican Congressional Primary that shows incumbent Scott DesJarlais with a 38-vote lead.

The Secretary of State’s office, which oversees elections, told News 2 both campaigns “have inquired about a number of issues,” but spokesperson Blake Fontenay said “that is not unusual after such a close vote.”

One question has been the late-in-the-evening vote total in Grundy County.

Like some neighboring counties, Grundy came in heavily for Rep. Desjarlais, but the Secretary of State’s office attributes at least part of Grundy’s late totals to a separate race where a “substantial number of write-in ballots” had to be hand counted which took more than time usual to report the results.

Since the election night drama of August 7 where Sen. Tracy declared victory before the final unofficial vote total came in, provisional ballots have been counted and more than half the counties’ election commissions have certified their results.

The last two counties, including the congressman’s home county of Marion, are scheduled to meet Thursday to decide on certification.

Once those results are certified, Senator Tracy has five days to consider a challenge.

Since it’s a primary, the parties have the final say so on a challenge, and in this case it would be the Republican State Executive Committee.

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