Brentwood residents can now drink water after being told not to

Brentwood residents can now drink water after being told not to (Image 1)

Residents in three Brentwood subdivisions are now able to drink their tap water again after being told it was not safe to drink.

Homeowners in the Fountainbrooke, Willowmet and Bonbrooke subdivisions east of Concord Road began reporting murky, discolored water coming from their pipes last Monday.

After crews flushed and tested the water over a dozen times last week, Nolensville College Grove Utility District officials said last Tuesday that while the water looked appalling it was safe to drink.

However; samples taken on Friday found coliform, bacteria that are typically present in the waste and digestive tracts of animals, including humans, and can cause serious illnesses.

Flyers were distributed to affected residents like Pat Thomas Sunday night, informing them about the latest test results.

“The notice said the water had tested positive for coliform however it was negative for e-coil,” Thomas explained.

About 40 homes in all are affected.

Residents were only able to wash clothes and dishes as long as the hottest water temperature was used on the dishes.

NCGUD District General Manager Charles Strasser told News 2 the dirty water may have been triggered when crews installed a new water line as part of the Concord Road widening project earlier this month.

“They basically just got to the end of the line where the samples are being taken and they surfaced,” said Bruce Spalding the consultant engineer for NCGUD explaining how the coliform surfaced.

Spaulding said the utility responded to the water issues in accordance with state environmental guidelines. He said these kind of inconveniences are common when dealing with construction projects.

NCGUD officials told News 2 Monday afternoon the tests came back negative, which means the water is safe.

The recently installed water line is temporarily out of service. Testing will continue.

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