New Midtown Hills police precinct opens Saturday

New Midtown Hills police precinct opens Saturday (Image 1)

Construction on the new Midtown Hills Precinct is complete. The first roll call is set for Saturday at 6:30 a.m. 

Community leader Brenda Morrow lives in the Edge Hill community, one of the areas officers at the new precinct will serve.

Morrow said she is hopeful the new location will allow the relationship between police and the community to grow.

Commander Kay Lokey said she also wants to develop a strong relationship with the people her team will serve.

“Our first initial goal is to introduce ourselves. Let the people of the Midtown area know who we are, what we are about. The first thing we want to do is build that relationship,” said Commander Lokey.

Officers assigned to Midtown Hills will serve the communities of Edgehill, Green Hills, Forest Hills, Oak Hill, Crieve Hall and the Nippers Corner area, as well as Vanderbilt, Belmont and Lipscomb universities. 

When Midtown Hills opens Saturday, the boundaries of the West, South and Hermitage Precincts will shift and their coverage areas will decrease.

“There are things that we are going to focus on that we can address right out the bat, but as we get into the neighborhood, start listening to people, then we will have a bigger picture,” said Commander Lokey. 

The Midtown Hills Precinct will be Nashville’s eighth full service police facility. 

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