Trio of thieves steal woman’s credit card, use it at 8 stores

Trio of thieves steal woman's credit card, use it at 8 stores (Image 1)

Goodlettsville police are still on the lookout for one of three people who allegedly found a lost credit card then went on an hour-long shopping spree at eight different stores.

The situation began August 4 when a Sumner County grandmother, who prefers to stay anonymous, was leaving a local McDonald’s.

She dropped her credit card, and before she noticed it was gone, a trio of thieves scooped it up.

The suspects went to eight stores, including three Dollar Generals, a discount tobacco shop and a Walmart.

“They just went on a shopping spree, and then they decided to go to the movies, so I Hope they catch you,” the grandmother said inside the Goodlettsville detective’s office.

Officers shared surveillance video with News 2 showing the same three people using or trying to use the woman’s card.

They purchased diapers and cigarettes, but are also rejected a number of times before the bank finally shuts the card off.

The victim didn’t lose much, thanks to the bank, and the fact that the crooks didn’t try and buy much of value.

“Someone’s out spending the money you work hard to make,” the woman added.

Two suspects have since been arrested, including 20-year-old Brittany Anderson and 33-year-old Eural Jones.

Anyone who recognizes second female is urged to contact the Goodlettsville Crime Tip Line at 615-851-2259.

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