Trailer stolen from Cub Scouts in church parking lot

Trailer stolen from Cub Scouts in church parking lot (Image 1)

A local Cub Scout group has lost some of its most sentimental items when a trailer the group used for storage and camping was stolen from the parking lot of a church on Tuesday.

The trailer went missing from the Faith Life Church in Antioch where it would sit while not being used. It contained items the scouts used for camping as well as irreplaceable materials used in ceremonies.

“There are a lot of bad people in the world,” said 10-year-old Ryan Stevens, one of the cub scouts.

A hand-crafted “Arrow of Light Board,” the highest award in cub scouting, and a flag with 12 years of awards were also in the trailer.

“Lots of stuff we need for campouts is in that, and we really need it,” said Ryan’s brother, seven-year-old Daniel Stevens.

The camping items can be replaced over time, but to the scouts, it’s the ceremonial pieces they hope to eventually get back.

“It makes me upset because I don’t know why someone would want to take that stuff,” added Ryan.

“If we could get the hand-carved pieces and our flags and everything back so we can show they boys, ‘Hey, there are some good people who want to help us,’ it would be phenomenal,” said Cub Master John Stevens.

The church has added security and installed light fixtures to prevent any further thefts.

If you would like to help the cub scouts replace their things, donations can be sent to Cub Scout 924, Care of Faith Life Church, 3646 Murfreesboro Road, Antioch, TN 37013.

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