Titans should get better team evaluation vs. Saints

Titans should get better team evaluation vs. Saints (Image 1)

After a monsoon made it difficult on both offense and defense Saturday against the Packers, the Titans should get a better evaluation of their team this Friday against the Saints.

The Superdome in New Orleans makes bad weather impossible, allowing for the Titans to air it out a little bit more after throwing just twwo passes with their first team offense.

Head coach Ken Whisenhunt said, “Defensively, we’re going to evaluate tackling and see if we can do that a little bit better and or fits on defense. Those are the two areas we need to get better at.”

Whisenhunt did not write off the first game completely but did say that when evaluating his players the good weather would be a more realistic view of where the team is.

“Last week was really hard to evaluate as far as that goes. I mean, it was an evaluation, but it wasn’t what you would use normally as an evaluation. The field was, you know, it wasn’t awful, but as far as to evaluate someone running a route or on a blocking assignment, just because of the way the field was, or even the way the defense was playing, was a little bit difficult,” he explained.

The Titans play the Saints Friday on News 2 at 7 p.m.

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