Springfield thrift store offers discount to gun carry permit holders

Springfield thrift store offers discount to gun carry permit holders (Image 1)

The Non Stop Thrift Shop in Springfield, Tennessee, is offering a discount to customers with a valid gun carry permit.

The store, located on Highway 41 South, says the discount is a way to thank customers who defend America’s First and Second Amendments.

A sign on the door reads, “Conceal and carry permit owners receive 15% off your purchase every day! Thank you for defending the 1st and 2nd Amendment.”

The promotion began when the store opened and owner, Richard Saunders, told News 2 he’s received mostly positive feedback.

“We just want to show that we are not going to back down. We are going to stand up and put our signs in the window and make them prominent,” said Saunders.

Fans of the discount thanked Saunders on the store’s Facebook page.

He says he understands there are some people who don’t agree with what he is doing and says that’s fine too.

“We know at some point there will be folks who are offended, take it the wrong way and let me know how they feel about it. We expect that. We respect their opinions and that’s part of the freedom we enjoy in our country,” said Saunders.

Ironically, Saunders does not own a gun.

He also runs a daycare business and for that reason says he can’t have one at home.

The money he makes in the thrift shop helps support the Positive Image Christian Learning Center.

Saunders estimates around half of his customers at the store qualify for the discount.

He plans to open additional thrift shops and says he’ll offer the promotion there as well.

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