Neighbors not happy with woman’s multi-colored fence in Hermitage

Neighbors not happy with woman's multi-colored fence in Hermitage (Image 1)

They may say fences make good neighbors, but that doesn’t seem to be the case in the Nashville neighborhood of Hermitage Estates.

The fence in question not only separates property lines, but it has literally divided a community.

It is approximately seven feet high and 50 feet long.

One the side facing the homeowner’s property, the fence is plain wood.

But on the side that faces the rest of the neighborhood, it’s painted many different colors, some of which are quite bright.

Pauline Gilson, the president of Hermitage Estates, along with a contingent of neighbors say the fence is ugly.

They also contend it was done to upset neighbors as part of a long-running feud.

“I think it was done with malicious intent, for sure,” Gilson told News 2. “We all hate that. All the neighbors standing here, on this corner, hate that.”

She said it’s because it degrades their neighborhood and devalues their property.

The owner who built the fence, Sue Juszcak, says the neighbors “have no life” and that she erected the privacy fence to shield her property from cameras in neighbor’s windows pointing at her home.

“I own this home. I have already checked with codes. It’s a free county, last time I checked,” Juszcak said.

She explained that it’s a memorial to her brother who died.

“The colors I’ve chosen are sentimental to me. I lost my brother, who was 45,” she said. “When we grew up in New York, we had a fence like this and my dad had it facing out so everyone could see it.”

Juszcak added, “I said, ‘I am going to do that again,’ and I chose to do that.”

When the fence went up, neighbors took their complaints to Metro’s codes department.

It doesn’t violate any city ordinances.

“Ugly is not a codes violation,” said Director Bill Penn.

Gilson, however, said she’s already contacted newly elected councilman Larry Hagar. She said as soon as he’s sworn in, she expects him to make changes to the law, allowing the codes department to rule the fence a violation.

Until then, Juszcak said she plans to extend the fence and paint the inside that faces her property.

Metro police told News 2 they are aware of the neighborhood dispute, which includes allegations of mailbox tampering, illegal fireworks and other issues.

Police said nothing, to this point, has risen to the level of a crime.

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