Man uses soda cans for fence in front of east Nashville home

Man uses soda cans for fence in front of east Nashville home (Image 1)

An east Nashville man has strung up over 2,000 soda cans for a makeshift fence in front of his home on Carter Avenue.

Glen Woods says he’s just having fun, but he also has some inspiration – the house next door.

“I don’t like all these houses in this neighborhood. They just tore down good houses. I decided to protest, I guess,” said Woods.

New construction is changing the face of east Nashville and Woods said he would prefer that it not get so close to his home.

Two new homes are nearly finished on one side of his property and another is planned for the other.

“My father moved here in 1916,” he said. “They moved in on me, I didn’t move in on them.”

Wednesday Woods mended his fence to make some noise.

“Just to make them rattle. Wind chimes. My neighbor said she can’t hear the wind chimes. So I cut the bottom of them to make it louder.”

Woods told News 2 that he hasn’t heard any complaints from neighbors, “All I’ve gotten is this,” he said holding his thumb up.

Woods keeps a plastic tub at the end is his driveway for can donations.

“I’m just an unknown artist,” he said. “I’m just having fun.”

News 2 contacted the Metro Codes Department to see if Woods’ fence violated any requirements or codes but has not received a response.

A builder who stopped to look at the fence told News 2 he didn’t have a problem with it, but another builder said to talk with someone who is in favor of the new construction.

The builder declined an on camera interview.

“I’m just having fun,” Woods said, adding, “They might think I’m protesting, but I’m having fun. I guess I could be. I don’t know.”

Woods added he isn’t finished with the 40 foot long fence and is working to make it longer.

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