Hundreds of dead fish found in pond at Shelby Park

Hundreds of dead fish found in pond at Shelby Park (Image 1)

Folks walking around Shelby Park in east Nashville stumbled upon a frightening sight at a popular lake – hundreds of dead fish floating around the water.

Many park-goers who planned to spend their Wednesday fishing at Lake Sevier had concerns if the water quality was safe.

Veronica Cartwright was concerned because her boyfriend, Frank Brown, cast two lines in the water.

“You wonder if it’s safe to eat,” said Cartwright.

The sudden appearance of dead fish in a lake or pond can cause considerable alarm for anyone. However, according to the Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency most fish kills typically result from natural events.

A spokesperson said it’s usually a result of too little oxygen in the water.

If a pond does not have a water source to create oxygen, especially on hot, cloudy days, there can be an instant depletion in the pond.

With finite supply of oxygen in the water, all existing wildlife are essentially competing for it and, unfortunately, for prey fish like the American shads, the only types of fish dying in the pond, they are on the losing end of the battle.

“The bigger they are, the easier it is for those to live,” said Frank Brown.

Metro Nashville Parks officials told News 2 they plan to remove all the dead fish from the lake by Thursday morning.

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