Social media outraged over Facebook Messenger app

Social media outraged over Facebook Messenger app (Image 1)

The Facebook Messenger app may make chatting with your friends a little easier. However, wording in the Terms of Service Agreement has many worried. One expert is even calling it creepy!

Facebook says the app will be mandatory within the next few days for anyone who wants to message their friends from a smart phone. Hitting “accept” gives the app permission to make calls from your phone, record audio, use your camera, and access your call history at any time, and without your permission.

But technology expert Travis Fischer told 47ABC, that it’s hard to tell if the company’s intentions are bad.

“There’s a lot of ways you could interpret the words to say its going to create a better user experience for you, but when you look at the literal meaning of the words it becomes a lot more creepy,” he says.

For many people, the sheer length of any Terms of Service Agreement is enough to keep them from reading it.

If they choose to, many think the wording is too complex. Still though, Fischer says those terms need to be read. To save time, he says you can usually skip the beginning, which is typically just background on the company.

“Buried inside the middle of that document you’re going to find out what the app wants to do,” says Fischer.

There is some hope for those who use Apple iPhones.

Apple iPhones protect their users by first asking them to allow the application to use the phones features. So, if you are worried that your iPhone will record when you don’t want it to, you can simply not give the app permission to use your microphone.

Android users do not have this luxury, however. Once they agree to the terms of service, they will not be asked again if the app can use the phone’s features.

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