Mother says baby’s foot burned on Greyhound bus

Mother says baby's foot burned on Greyhound bus (Image 1)

Greyhound launched an internal investigation Monday following a mother’s claims that her baby was badly burned while riding one of their buses.

Channie Williams says her five-month-old daughter’s foot was burned during an overnight trip Sunday from Gary, Indiana, to Nashville.

The mother and daughter were on their way to Jacksonville, Florida, for a family gathering.

Williams said they were sitting toward the back of the bus near the engine and her daughter’s foot came in contact with the underside of the bus seat.

When they arrived in Nashville, Williams said her usually happy baby was crying hysterically.

“I happened to look at her foot and there is this huge burned blister,” she recalled. “I’m just devastated.”

She continued, “Why [was] I not informed [that there could be] overheating in this area [and] it is best to sit your babies somewhere else?”

Williams reported the incident to the Greyhound bus driver who she said also felt the heat from the seat.

Williams took her daughter to Vanderbilt Children’s Hospital for treatment.

She is expected to recover. Williams said doctors told her to keep her daughter’s wound clean and watch for signs of infection.

News 2 has since contacted Greyhound’s corporate offices. A spokeswoman said Williams did file an incident report about the injury.

The spokeswoman said the bus line is investigating and keeping in contact with Williams.

“We put our customers’ safety first and encourage customers traveling with infants to secure them in a child seat,” Greyhound Spokeswoman Lanesha Gipson said. “During long trips, such as the journey from Gary, Indiana to Jacksonville, Florida, customers can feel free to rest during the trip with the confidence that the child will be safe in their secured seat.”

An additional ticket must be purchased for the child seat at a discounted child fare, according to Gipson.

Gipson said as part of Greyhound’s investigation a company representative would be contacting Williams.

Williams was required to leave contact information when filing her incident report at the Greyhound station in Nashville.

Still, Williams expressed frustration with the bus line during an interview with News 2 early Monday.

“I was surprised,” she said. “Their procedure was unorganized, unhelpful and they were uneducated. I am getting told one thing here and someone is telling me another thing there.”

After speaking with News 2, Williams boarded another Greyhound bus and continued on to Jacksonville.

The Tennessee Department of Children’s Services has also launched an investigation of their own.

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