Family felt helpless after heavy rain caused flash flooding

Family felt helpless after heavy rain caused flash flooding (Image 1)

Heavy rain drenched much of the region Saturday, leaving flash floods across Middle Tennessee.

It was a frightening situation for a family in south Nashville.

“I went out to do some shopping for my kids for school and I came home about 4, 4:15 and I couldn’t get in the driveway because the yard was flooded,” Kimberly Hoskins told News 2.

“I was scared it was going to keep raining and it was going to ruin everything in here,” she added.

The rain water covered the yard from the front to back.

Hoskins said the water came up past her son’s waist and she had to carry him inside.

“He was screaming and he was terrified because he didn’t understand what was going on,” Hoskins explained.

The mother of two decided to call Metro Water Services to see what they could do.

“She told me they would have someone out here. The second time I called back they said someone should be arriving shortly,” Hoskins recalled.

She says, however, no one ever showed.

“I was taking 5 gallon buckets and scooping it up and bringing it over here to this drain,” she explained.

The water had cleared by sunrise, but Hoskins said it seeped inside their storage unit, ruining mattresses and a TV.

Hoskins said she is glad her family is safe and worries about other families who may be left in similar situations without help.

“We knew if it rained anymore the water would go inside the house and would destroy what little bit that we do have. This time we were lucky God was watching over us,” she added.

News 2 went to get answers from Metro Water Services. They told us they don’t typically work during a rain event.

They put callers on a list and check on the storm drains once the rain is over to prevent flooding for the next rain event.

If you have a clogged drain they advise you call them in advance at 615-862-4600.

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