2 arrested in south Nashville burglary spree

2 arrested in south Nashville burglary spree (Image 1)

Two 19-year-olds were arrested Sunday after allegedly going on a burglary spree in south Nashville, stealing guns, ammunition and vehicles.

Officers were called to The Nashville Armory on Kenilwood Drive for a burglar alarm just after 1 a.m.

They saw a door to the building was open and two men running away from the area with backpacks. Two officers followed the suspects identified as Jonathon Steele and Khalil Brown.

Steele and Brown reportedly dropped the backpacks they were carrying during the pursuit. One of the officers continued to follow them while the other stayed with the bags, which contained multiple weapons from the armory, according to an affidavit.

Steele allegedly hid in the woods while Brown jumped a fence entering a CSX rail yard.

The officer who stayed with the stolen property noticed Steele crawling back up a hill, toward his vehicle, and arrested him.

A K9 unit was called in to track Brown. He eventually left the woods, surrendered voluntarily to police and was arrested.

Surveillance video at The Nashville Armory showed both suspects putting several weapons into backpacks and carrying the ones that wouldn’t fit.

The total amount of property stolen from the armory was valued at $9,600 in firearms and $1,500 in ammunition.

According to the affidavit, Brown admitted to his involvement in the burglary and also implicated himself and Steele in a burglary that happened Saturday night at Firestone Complete Auto Care on Murfreesboro Pike.

Brown reportedly said Steele told him they needed vehicles to use in future robberies.

Therefore, they drove to the business and Steele shot out a window with a BB gun.

Once inside the business, Brown said they took several sets of keys and went to the parking lot where they took a Chevrolet Suburban, Malibu and Dodge Charger, according to an affidavit.

They allegedly hid the vehicles in several locations.

The Charger was recovered by police because the suspects used it in the burglary at The Nashville Armory.

It had been reported stolen and officers found several guns inside that had been taken from the business.

Steele and Brown were each charged with multiple counts of theft, burglary and weapons charges.

Steele’s bond was set at $125,000 while Brown’s was set at $76,000.

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