Chanel purse heist at Green Hills may soon be federal investigation

Chanel purse heist at Green Hills may soon be federal investigation (Image 1)

Police have now said a designer purse heist that occurred at the Mall of Green Hills may soon turn into a federal investigation.

Last month, surveillance video captured five men calmly walking into Nordstrom before making their way to the Chanel section where they snatched several purses.

Metro police said the group may be linked to several other expensive purse snatchings and their designer shoplifting sprees cross several other states, which makes the case a federal investigation.

Designer purse collectors said they are not surprised thieves are targeting the fashionable items since they are easy to sell second hand for huge profits.

“I think people want to keep up with the Joneses, so you want to look good, even if you don’t have a beautiful house, you want to look good with a purse,” said purse collector Yolanda Muzzalupo.

Police didn’t release the exact dollar amount the thieves made off with; however basic Chanel purses retail for about $5,000.

Some websites offer the purses for a fraction of the price, but another avid purse collector warns buyer beware.

“If you are buying something on one of those websites, it’s probably stolen. I think they know women like nice things and will buy them so it’s an easy market,” said purse collector Tammi Thompson.

Police said the men who snatched the purses last month were driving a black Buick sedan with an out-of-state license plate.

Anyone with information on the crime is urged to call Crime Stoppers at 615-74-CRIME.

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