Titans depth chart not a concern for players

JOE BIDDLE: Sunday Notes: Nov. 15, 2014 (Image 1)

Titans head coach Ken Whisenhunt released the team’s first depth chart of the season Wednesday.

There are a couple surprises, most notably at linebacker where Zac Brown was listed next to Wesley Woodyard and in the backfield where Shonn Greene is listed as the starting running back.

Greene played sparingly because of injuries last season and after the Titans drafted Bishop Sankey in the second round, it seemed likely he would make a push for the starting job.

Nothing is set in stone; however with the roster subject to change throughout the preseason, Head Coach Ken Whisenhunt said he only released a depth chart because he had to.

The players are not concerned about where they stand on the depth chart at the moment because the first preseason hasn’t even been played.

“Well, you know, as far as the depth chart goes that’s what it is, but you know you move up the depth chart you go down on how you perform when the bullets are live,” said Bernard Pollard.

Running back Dexter McCluster echoed Pollard, adding that the team just needs to work on getting better as a whole.

“When the depth chart comes out it’s not a topic of discussion. You know, we just focus on getting better as a group, as a team and you know, if we worry about that it takes away from everything we’re working hard for,” explained McCluster.

The Titans have two more practices this week before hosting the Green Bay Packers at LP Field Saturday for the first game of the preseason.

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