Grocery store chains slash prices to beat competition

Grocery store chains slash prices to beat competition (Image 1)

Kroger is lowering its prices on thousands of items in an effort to keep current customers and potentially lure new ones.

It’s the latest campaign by a grocery store chain to outshine the competition, and families are cashing in.

“If you have a large family, that is definitely a big benefit,” said Holcomb.

Other shoppers are a little leery of the big deals and say buyers should beware.

“When you see deep discounts, you need to look at the quality. You can get a really good price and sacrifice on quality,” said shopper Elizabeth Young.

Audrey Holcomb, however, loves the savings.

“I am a bargain hunter, so this is really good for me. I am always looking for prices that are lower than the regular price,” said Holcomb.

Regardless of where you shop, the war between chains is bound to benefit the consumer.

Publix will double manufacturing coupons 50-cents and under, as well as honor Kroger and Target coupons.

Walmart has touted its low prices on grocery items when compared to Kroger in commercials airing for months. Walmart guarantees the lowest price and backs it by ad match.

“Price continues to be an important factor as customers are deciding where to shop”, Kroger spokesperson Melissa Eads said. “Now, our customers are going to save even more on the items that they buy every week.”

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