David Chase in court on protection order against ex accusing him of assault

David Chase in court on protection order against ex accusing him of assault (Image 1)

Nashville developer David Chase was back in court Wednesday trying to show that he was actually the victim in his controversial domestic assault case.

Nashville Judge Gale Robinson heard arguments about making a temporary order of protection for Chase against his ex-girlfriend permanent, but any decision will have to wait until at least August 18.

In early June the woman took out a warrant against Chase accusing him of domestic abuse at his apartment.

The case drew attention after a different judge waived a 12-hour “cooling off” period placed on Chase by a night court commissioner after the developer’s first arrest for domestic assault.

Just hours after his release, Chase was charged with a second assault for allegedly attacking his ex-girlfriend who said she was getting her things out of his apartment.

During a previous hearing on Chase’s bond, she said he had his hands around her neck at one point she thought she “was going to die.”

In the temporary order of protection, granted July 25, Chase told a much different story as he said in court documents the woman “made false statements to police” after she “criminally trespassed” at his apartment.

Chase also made claims of being harassed and stalked.

On Wednesday, Judge Robinson heard testimony from a digital forensic expert who has been read some of the 189 text messages he recovered between Chase and the alleged victim from May 10 until an hour or so after the first alleged assault on June 8.

The court also heard from private investigator and ex-Metro police investigator Tim Mason who is working for the defense.

He narrated a series of clips from a surveillance camera outside the apartment where Chase lived that showed the ex-girlfriend going in and out of the building during the early morning hours before and after the alleged first assault.

After about 90-minutes of testimony Wednesday afternoon, the court agreed to continue the hearing on making Chase’s protection order permanent until 1 p.m. August 18.

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