Columbia neighborhood taken aback after 5 injured in shooting

Columbia neighborhood taken aback after 5 injured in shooting (Image 1)

Columbia police are investigating after four people were shot early Sunday morning outside of late night restaurant.

It happened at the Down Low Restaurant located at the intersection of East 9th and Bridge streets around 4 a.m.

Authorities said four people were shot and a fifth was injured after being grazed by a bullet.

“We were just flabbergasted because we hadn’t had anything like this in a while here,” said Annie Hardison. She lives on Bridge Street and is the Neighborhood Watch captain.

She said since the creation of the Neighborhood Watch, crime has significantly dropped.

“We brought the drug dealers to grill and cook and feed the neighborhood and we were just trying to teach people how to get along,” said Hardison.

She said the efforts seemed to work for about four years, but on Sunday morning everything changed.

“I can’t believe that we are still trying to solve differences with guns,” said Hardison.

Police are still investigating a motive but Christopher Davis, who witnessed the shooting, said it started with an argument.

“All this happened out here about the money situation, then that’s when the gunfire just went off,” said Davis.

He discovered one of the victims lying in the street. He said she was shot in the leg and drove her to the hospital.

“I just wish we all just got along,” said Davis.

“We won’t let this get out of hand,” said Hardison. “We are going to go about teaching how to solve differences without using gunfire,” she continued.

Hardison scheduled a neighborhood watch meeting on Friday at 4 p.m. It will take place at Carmack Boulevard Church of Christ located at 2111 Carmack Blvd in Columbia.

The investigation is ongoing. Police are seeking further information on the identity of the shooters.

Anyone with knowledge of the crime is urged to contact the Columbia Police Department at 931-380-2721 or dispatch at 931-388-2727.

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