Man leaves over $160K to Metro Animal Control upon death

(Photo: WKRN)

A local man who died last year left 11 percent of his estate to Metro Animal Control.

The money from James Talbot, amounting to over $160,000, came to a surprise to animal control officials who had no direct connection to him.

According to his obituary, Talbot died at the age of 83 in June 2013. He described himself as a “cat person” and “car nut” who spent the majority of his life living in Nashville.

A graduate of Peabody College and veteran of the Korean War, Talbot was always a generous benefactor of many animal rights and support organizations.

He even asked that in lieu of services being held upon his death, people donate to The Cat Shoppe on Bransford Avenue.

Metro Council is scheduled to vote on accepting the unrestricted donation Tuesday.

If approved, city officials said they have yet to decide how to spend the money.

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