NFL officials assist in Titans practice

NFL officials assist in Titans practice (Image 1)
NFL officials assist in Titans practice (Image 1)

When the Titans hit the practice field Friday afternoon, they were not alone. A crew of NFL officials also took to the field to participate.

The crew met with the players during their morning meeting to discuss rule changes and points of emphasis for the upcoming season.

“You know, every year when they have changes in what they are going to do and how they are going to do it, just communicating that with us is great,” said head coach Ken Whisenhunt. “Also, anything that came up in practice today we will have a chance to discuss, so it’s good.”

For the Titans, it’s a chance to get an understanding of what the officials see without having to wait until a situation occurs in a game.

“It’s huge. Just to get in their mind and see what they are thinking on different plays,” says Jason McCourty. “Especially us cornerbacks. It’s an offensive driven league so it’s a tough job for us. To know going in what you can and can’t do is a huge advantage.”

Whisenhunt said the officials will be at Saturday’s practice as well. That practice will take place at LP Field at 6:00 but is closed to the public.

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