Munchak happy in role with Steelers

Munchak happy in role with Steelers (Image 1)
Munchak happy in role with Steelers (Image 1)

While he is no longer a head coach, former Titans skipper Mike Munchak is finding new life with the Pittsburgh Steelers.

The Hall Of Famer is working diligently with the offensive line to get them ready for the regular season.

It is a picture perfect fit for Munchak, who is from Pennsylvania and attended college at Penn State.

The only real battle for the former head coach is changing allegiances after spending so many years with the Titans organization. However, Munchak said being so close to family will not be such a hard transition.

“It’s something that I never thought possible probably at certain times of my career, but it’s something that I’m really, really enjoying. Real excited about how things are going to go, but yeah, for me my family is much closer. They used to come to Pittsburgh and root against the Steelers, but they’re real excited about changing colors themselves so it’s been a good transition, and I’m looking forward to the season.”

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