Former Johnny Cash home may be transformed into recovery center

(Photo: WKRN)

One of Middle Tennessee’s most iconic pieces of real estate may soon be turned into a facility aimed toward helping women.

The current owner of the former Johnny Cash and June Carter Cash property told News 2 he has plans to transform the Hendersonville property into a recovery center for women battling eating disorders.

“My dream is to build basically two mansions on the property on either end of the property if you will,” explained owner James Gresham. “[I want] to provide at the maximum 20 residents 20 beds, so there would be 10 bedrooms in these two mansions and let them heal and walk around the grounds.”

Gresham said he plans to salvage as much as possible from the 14,000 square foot home which was destroyed by a fire seven years ago in 2007.

“We are going to be able to reuse [some things.] We’re taking [some] beams and we’re going be able to use them at least cosmetically. We’re not knocking any rocks down or taking down anything that’s up,” he said.

The property offers a stunning view of Old Hickory Lake, something Gresham hopes will aid in women’s recovery.

“I think temporarily for someone to come and stay 60 or 90 days and get healing and find redemption if you will, in a place that is so peaceful is very powerful,” he said.

Cash and his wife lived on the property for 40 years. The property is currently zoned suburban residential. It will have to be rezoned before it can be used as a rehab facility.

The plan goes before the Hendersonville Planning Commission September 2.


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