Flo Yo offers unique twist on traditional yoga

Flo Yo offers unique twist on traditional yoga (Image 1)

If you enjoy the outdoors and are looking for a new fitness challenge, Nashville is one of the cities that can offer just that.

It’s the newest fitness craze sweeping the country. It’s Yoga – on the water.

Liz Vehyl heard about stand-up paddleboard yoga from a friend who was teaching out on the west coast and joined up with Nashville Paddle back in 2012 to start classes here in town.

“We’ve watched it grow over the last three years. I would say this year has been, by far the biggest season for us,” she said.

Liz’s class is a little over an hour long, and it utilizes all of the traditional yoga poses.

She thinks people love it, especially those that have a regular yoga practice. 

“It takes it to that next level for them. It compounds the balance aspect of it, obviously, you have the board that’s moving, you have water below you, and suddenly all those muscles that we can tell you to use in class, you have to use them on the board to find your balance.”

Finding balance is not always an easy task on the board, but falling in is all a part of the experience.

“It’s an experience that young and old can enjoy. I had my 73-year-old aunt out here last weekend,” Vehyl said.

She enjoys the opportunity to take her practice out of the studio and onto Percy Priest Lake. “It’s beautiful, and I’ve always loved being near the water and on the water. It’s just amazing.”

Flo Yo classes are held Thursday through Sunday, but classes quickly sell out.

For more info, check out NashvillePaddle.com or visit their Facebook page.

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