Metro buses undergo inspections before students return to class

Metro buses undergo inspections before students return to class (Image 1)

Metro school buses are gearing up for the new school year. In less than a week, buses will hit the roadways and crews are making sure they are ready to roll.

The buses make regular stops year round inside the transportation center, but during the summer the fleet of more than 600 buses goes through a full inspection and service.

“It’s not only important, it’s critical for safety,” Fred Carr with Metro schools explained to Nashville’s News 2.

The buses transport more than 50,000 kids, twice a day, so rigorous testing is top priority.

“[We check] breaks and lights and see if any of the seats have any cuts in them. We have our own little upholstery shop, so we repair the seats and full inspection, everything,” Carr said.

Carr said the final batch of buses is in the shop and drivers have already been hitting the roadways.

“We feel like we are ready to start school. We are in good shape,” he said.

According to Carr, there have been some additions this year, such as allowing high school students to ride MTA buses for free.

“It also allows students to go to work, to be able to have mobility, to be able to have an after school job or on the weekends to go to the mall or go to the movies. It’s just a great opportunity.”

Metro buses roll out bright and early next Wednesday for the first day of school.

Metro schools are also in need of more bus drivers.

For more information on that opportunity, or other questions regarding stops, you can call the information line at 615-259-4636.

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