Cedar Hill residents worried after ties severed with rescue squad

Cedar Hill residents worried after ties severed with rescue squad (Image 1)

Hundreds of Robertson County families are wondering who, if anyone, will answer their calls for help in case of a fire.

Robertson County’s commission severed ties with the Robertson County Rescue Squad, which provided fire coverage to the Cedar Hill area.

The move leaves several hundred homes without fire protection. The Adams Fire Department and North Robertson Fire Departments have agreed to expand their coverage area to help add protection.

Greg Lynn, a stay-at-home dad with multiple sclerosis, worries that could leave him waiting, as long as 45 minutes, for help if he has a fire or medical emergency.

“Used to, my first responders were five minutes away. Now they are at least 20 minutes away,” he said. “Plus they are volunteer fire departments so you have to add in the time it takes for the guys to stop what they are doing and get to the fire hall.”

Lynn told News 2 he hopes one of the other fire departments will take over the current rescue squad headquarters so they will have a quick response.

“Hopefully they will be understanding and sympathetic to someone who wants to come in here and pull this department up by the boot straps,” he said. “Hopefully it will keep our ISO ratings where they are and keep our response times to what everyone is accustomed to.”

He continued, “You don’t think about it until you need it and then at that point in time your left asking what happened to it.”

Homeowners are also bracing for a possible doubling of their homeowners insurance premiums because a lack of fire coverage will make premiums increase.

Lynn estimates his could increase about $1,000 a year if a solution is not found soon.

News 2 is working to get answers from the Robertson County Fire Board about why they cut ties with the rescue squad and what is their plan to protect homeowners.

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