Residents want vacant Park Avenue home cleaned up

Residents want vacant Park Avenue home cleaned up (Image 1)

Homeowners living in Sylvan Heights say they are tired of staring at an eyesore on Park Avenue.

The house, located at 3907 Park Avenue, has apparently been vacant for several weeks.

When tenants moved out, neighbors told News 2 they threw couches on the front lawn.

The grass is overgrown and there is trash and other furniture piled up in the backyard.

People living in the area contacted News 2 and said they want something done.

“Everyone takes pride in the neighborhood. That’s why it’s particularly difficult to see something like this. Just cleaning it up would be great,” said resident Hayley Shelton.

Shelton believes the abandoned home is more than an eyesore and she’s worried it’s also a safety risk.

“Anyone could just walk in and out of it. There were animals in the backyard for a while. It stormed a couple of weeks ago and it was basically raining inside,” said Shelton.

The front door is padlocked but a side window was cracked when News 2 was outside the home Wednesday afternoon.

According to the Davidson County Register of Deeds, the property recently changed owners.

The previous owner, who lives out of state, sold the home on July 18 to a contracting company.

News 2 contacted Metro Codes Department by phone and learned there have been other complaints.

An inspector took a look at the property on July 15 and put the owner on notice.

He has until August 11 to clean up the home.


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