Frigid winter delays expansion project at Blackman Middle

Frigid winter delays expansion project at Blackman Middle (Image 1)

Last January’s record breaking cold weather is being blamed for the delay of an expansion project at a Murfreesboro school in Rutherford County.

Blackman Middle School is adding a 57,000-square-foot expansion for sixth graders, but the harsh winter has delayed the building by six weeks.

Rutherford County students go back to school August 11, but county schools spokesman James Evans told News 2 that the building expansion will not be finished until the end of September.

“We were making good progress until January-February,” Principal Will Shelton said. “The cold weather hit and we could pour no concrete, we couldn’t lay any blocks, so we had about two months that just killed us.”

The new building will house 25 classrooms, office space and an auxiliary gym.

“[We will] be able to breathe a little bit and spread out. We’ll have no more portable classrooms, so that will help with student safety.”

Students will not miss any instruction time as the school will find space in the library and other rooms where sixth graders can remain in the current building.

“We’re going to have some classes in the library, some classes in the auditorium, using every space we can possibly imagine to get us through until the building opens,” Shelton said.

The school plans to delay their open house until the new building is complete.

Blackman Middle School opened in 2002.

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