Armed doggie door home invader arrested in Spring Hill

Armed doggie door home invader arrested in Spring Hill (Image 1)

The video was disturbing. The story went viral airing on GMA.

It was a young man peering through a doggie door in Spring Hill.

Thanks to News 2 viewers, the man in the video now has a face.

Maury County deputies have since charged Tanner Vernon with aggravated burglary and theft.

The 18-year-old Spring Hill graduate surrendered Monday evening with his attorney.

Detective Jerry Williams said airing the video on News 2 helped crack the case. People saw the teen with the handgun and called in to report his name.

According to Vernon’s intake information, he is 5 feet 6 inches and weighs 137 pounds. He works as a construction laborer.

No one answered when News 2 knocked on Vernon’s door, and his lawyer wished not to comment.

Next door neighbor Mayme Ryan said she has known the teen all his life.

“I know his family. He’s not all that bad. He just ran into the wrong crowd little bit. I hope this teaches him a lesson as he moves forward,” she said.

Detectives told News 2 they executed a search warrant at Vernon’s home. A shotgun stolen from a Spring Hill car burglary was reportedly located.

The gun in the surveillance footage at the doggie door, however, has yet to be identified.

“He’s young, and he’s doing dangerous things with a handgun,” Det. Williams said.

Because he surrendered through his attorney, investigators haven’t been able to speak to Vernon.

One question they have is where the gun in the video is located, and if anyone else is involved.

The homeowners with the doggie door told News 2 they don’t know Tanner Vernon, but said he’s an acquaintance of their daughter. It’s thought he had knowledge of their house.

Vernon is currently out of jail on bond.

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