James Franklin defends departure from Vanderbilt

James Franklin defends departure from Vanderbilt (Image 1)
James Franklin defends departure from Vanderbilt (Image 1)

Former Vanderbilt football coach James Franklin continues to defend his departure from Vanderbilt.

Monday at Big 10 Media Day in Chicago, the new Penn State coach was questioned about how he handled his departure from Vanderbilt.

Franklin acknowledged it did not go smoothly, “There’s no good way to leave. There’s [going to] be hurt feelings. I’ve read a lot of different ways, the ways people leave. We tried to do it the right way, we stayed, had a team meeting, addressed the team and said goodbye. I hope over time, people look back and realize how much we cared and how much we invested in that program, in those kids, and in that community.”

Franklin did not travel with the ‘Dores back to Nashville after their bowl victory and even told some players he was not leaving.

After addressing the team and finally admitting he was headed for Penn State Franklin left campus without comment to the fans or media.

He then turned several of his biggest Vanderbilt recruits into Penn State recruits in the month leading up to signing day.

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