‘Save Printers Alley’ gains more support to preserve area

'Save Printers Alley' gains more support to preserve area (Image 1)

Volunteers are doing all they can to help save Printers Alley. The group “Save Printers Alley” was formed after discovering four buildings are under contract to a Nashville investment group that wants to build a boutique hotel on the site.

“I couldn’t imagine the alley being changed and these businesses not being here. I don’t understand why you would want to have a hotel and take away the very things that bring people to this area,” Kim Brooks expressed to News 2.

Brooks is a former bartender at Fiddle and Steel Guitar Bar, one of the businesses in the four affected buildings. She created the Facebook page Save Printers Alley, which now has more than 13,000 fans.

“It’s been overwhelming support for the alley.”

Brooks said the group is not opposed to the boutique hotel. They just want to see the businesses that are there incorporated into the future plans of the alley.

“It’s really special and it can’t be duplicated, and if we lose over half the businesses in this area it will never be the same and you will never get it back,” stated Brooks.

All the business owners in the four affected buildings have been given notices to leave by late fall.

The group got more than 3,000 signatures Friday night and continued gathering them Saturday. They plan to present the petition to the investors in hopes they will preserve the area. The Save Printers Alley group is also working on several events to “rally in the alley.”

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