TVA plans to cut down community ‘Christmas tree’

TVA plans to cut down community 'Christmas tree' (Image 1)

Travel down Lewisburg Pike in southern Williamson County and you will see the only illuminated Christmas tree in the county.

It’s lit up in July because sometime next week TVA crews plan to cut the tree down, so until they do, neighbors are celebrating the tree and what it represents each and every night.

Dana Duncan’s family has lived in the Oakwood Estates subdivision for 14 years.

Last year was the first time they strung lights on the 60-foot pine tree on the corner of their front lawn,.

“Well, it was a bigger job than expected,” she said. “We brought out every strand of lights that Home Depot had in Franklin, Spring Hill, Brentwood and Antioch.”

Duncan said the tree is just majestic. Children from down the street and around the neighborhood will point and say, “Christmas tree! Christmas tree!”

“This is our community tree,” she explained. “It’s not my tree. It belongs to the community.”

She and her neighbors are upset because she was recently informed by the TVA that crews are cutting it down at its base.

The tree, they say, is in the power company’s right of way, underneath transmission lines.

According to TVA policy, anything over 15 feet tall and within 75 feet of a power line is considered a risk.

“The policy is that we don’t trim trees,” said spokesman Scott Brooks. “If they are in the way, we take the entire tree.”

He said it’s a safety issue and it’s a danger to power lines.

“People like to turn their lights on and we have to treat these power lines and protect them any way we can,” Brooks added.

Duncan says it’s heartbreaking they wouldn’t think twice about cutting down such a beautiful tree.

Her family said the tree could be cut down as early as Monday.

Other neighbors nearby have already lost entire front and back yards full of trees, which is why the Duncans plan on keeping their street corner Christmas tree lit up as long as possible.

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