Party tavern bikes not regulated in Nashville

Party tavern bikes not regulated in Nashville (Image 1)

It’s hard to miss the party tavern bikes going through the streets of Nashville. They are so popular that council members are taking note. The city’s Transportation Licensing Commission hasn’t regulated the party on wheels.

Billy Fields, director of the Metro Transportation Licensing Commission says the laws were written well before this type of entertainment existed.

“There’s no regulations for them in the city,” he said.

Emmit Martin is the founder of Sprocket Rocket.

“People come in town and book it for bachelorette parties, birthday parties, just get togethers,” Martin explained.

The sprocket rocket has only been around for a few months and is already taking out around 2,000 riders per month. Martin says while they have enforced their own rules, he agrees the city should implement some of their own.

“We are all for it. Downtown is getting pretty crazy right now so there needs to be some sort of rules and regulations out there,” he said.

Metro council member Anthony Davis is currently drafting legislation for the party on wheels.

Councilman Davis has a meeting planned with the party bike taverns on Tuesday to learn more before moving forward with legislation.

“What we are going to be looking at are background checks for drivers, safety requirements, make sure there are minimum insurance requirements for the vehicles, because its all just about public safety,” Fields explained to News 2.

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