New area code coming soon to Middle Tennessee

New area code

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – Due to an increase in the demand for telephone numbers in the Nashville area, 615 will make room for a new 629 area code.

The North American Numbering Plan Administrator estimates the depletion of 615 area code telephone numbers in the spring of 2016.

To ensure a continuing supply of phone numbers, the 629 area code will be added to the Middle Tennessee market.

This will eventually affect every resident in the 615 region. In other words, get ready to change the way you dial your local calls.

Residents will soon have to dial 10 digits, including the area code, to complete local calls in the 615 area code.

When the new dialing procedure takes place, all callers in the 615 area code will be required to dial the area code + telephone number. The same dialing procedure will apply to telephone numbers assigned to the new 629 area code.

Effective Saturday, July 26, 2014, you should begin using the new dialing procedures whenever you place a call from the 615 area code.

If you forget and dial just seven digits, your call will still be completed.

Beginning February 28, 2015, however, you must use the new dialing procedures. After this date, if you only dial the seven digit phone number, your calls will not be completed and a recording will instruct you to hang up and dial again.

Beginning March 28, 2015, new phone lines or services may be assigned numbers using the new 629 area code.

The upcoming change does not mean your telephone number or area code will change.

You can still dial just three digits to reach 911.

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