McMinnville couple visits every county in each state in 25 years

McMinnville couple visits every county in each state in 25 years (Image 1)

A McMinnville couple has spent the last 25 years visiting each county in the continental U.S.

Wes and Pat Bryan initially set out to visit every Tennessee county and state park, but then decided to not limit their travels.

“It’s all been driving in a truck, when the children were home we used a van. Most of the children have been in at least 40 states and many of the counties,” explained Wes.

The Bryans made their last stop over the spring in rural Sibley County, Minnesota, making the stop the 3,110th county they have visited.

“For the most part, we’re never bored,” Wes said.

When asked about their favorite stops along their journey, the Bryans said they enjoyed their time out west.

“Oklahoma City is really interesting,” Pat said. 

Wes added, “So many national parks and things to do in that area. In Colorado and surrounding states, there are some very remote places. Two of the hardest counties to get were in Colorado – Uhray County and San Juan, I believe.”

The couple said their trips were not only for pleasure, but also served as a mission. The pair delivered coats and school supplies to Native American communities across the U.S. through the Methodist church.

The Bryans said they have visited half of the counties in Alaska and have talked about seeing Hawaii in the future.

The couple is part of a nationwide every county club called the “Extra Milers.” They hope their story will inspire others to travel the United States.

For more information on the “Extra Milers,” visit their Web site.

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