Farro, 9-year-old police dog in Jackson, dies

JACKSON, Tenn. (AP) – The police department in Jackson is reporting the death of one of its police dogs.

Jackson police said Wednesday that 9-year-old Farro, a German shepherd, has died. Farro became sick during Memorial Day weekend, and he was found to have cancer.

Farro was the department’s first dual-purpose dog, working to detect drugs and apprehend crime suspects. He served the police department for six years and was the partner of K-9 Officer Jeremy Stines.

Farro located over 300 pounds of assorted illegal drugs and was instrumental in monetary and property seizures totaling over a half-million dollars.

In a statement, the department says that despite his large size, Farro was a “very friendly dog, unless you were a criminal and trying to avoid capture.”

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