Brentwood Buy, Sell, Trade group proves lucrative for local women

A private Facebook group that has changed the way Brentwood residents shop and has garnered a great deal of popularity can also help participants make thousands of dollars.

It’s called Brentwood Buy, Sell, Trade and it’s closing in on 6,000 members.

The group was started by a busy mom and her two friends who wanted to sell things they no longer used, but didn’t have time for a yard sale.

It started with a few pictures of what they wanted to sell, and soon buzzed into an online network with a feed of all kinds of items for sale, such as furniture, clothing, home décor and more.

Member Julie Pitta just returned from a vacation with her family, a good portion of which was paid by her sales on the Facebook page.

When she first started using the group to sell items, she made around $2,000.

“I would say, now, close to maybe $4,000,” Pitta added.

The group has rules, though, in order to keep things safe and secure. First, it is local and for women only. To be a member, users must live in Brentwood or the surrounding area.

There’s also no shipping on Brentwood Buy, Sell, Trade, only in-person pick-up. There’s also a minimum price tag of $10.

“It’s a lot easier than a garage sale,” Pitta told News 2, as she showed the items laid out on her dining table, soon to be listed on the group.

She said it even turns into a little bit of a part-time job.

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